Dr Bob Stewart - The Covid Opportunity and Surfing Property Cycles

Jul 14, 2020 - 7:15pm

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Dr Bob Stewart has previously spoken to the Manawatu Property Investors Association (twice), the Wanganui Property Investors Association, and the Hawkes Bay Property Investors Association so we are very excited to welcome him as a speaker for Capital PIA.

As well as being a Buy and Hold property investor for many years, Dr Stewart has also had a career as a University Professor in three countries, and has been editor since 1973 of an online scholarly journal publishing Social Psychology research, which is read in 165 countries.

Dr Stewart started from nothing financially. He had to borrow 100% at the time to purchase his first four properties. He now has a portfolio of 47 residential properties. The average annual increase in value (good years and bad years) is 8.3% for each and every year of ownership. His current portfolio is valued at $20 million, with only with only one million (5%) still owed to the bank.

Dr Bob Stewart will be speaking about The Covid Opportunity and Surfing Property Cycles

Ten summary practical points, derived from his own experience, and included in the presentation, are the following:

1) Take charge of your life. You have the ability to be in charge of the messages you send yourself.

2) Develop a very specific vision of what sort of person you would like to be: your personal life, your health and your financial life;

3) Don't be put off by people who say that you are "too young" or "too old"

4) If you want to learn something, talk to people who have actually done what it is what you want to do.

5) What specific strategies do you need to move toward this vision? Focus on the 20% of actions which will make 80% of the difference

6) Look at lots of properties. Do analysis on possible investments and pick the best

7) Diversify - buy some cashflow and some capital growth properties - in different locations and at difference price levels;

8) Buy when people are selling, and sell when people are buying

9) Real estate investment can be challenging at the beginning, but time is your friend in real estate investment. Buy-and-hold is a good strategy for property investment.

10) Allow yourself to make mistakes.

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